Meet the C.E.O

Thomas Freeman Jr. (also listed as T. Freeman Jr.) is an author, freelance writer and producer from New Jersey currently living in Atlanta. During his career Freeman has written dozen of articles, blogs and books as well as producing music and film projects. Below is a gallery of some of his work and cover stories. 

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Also a contributing writer to Europe’s #1 Online Hip-Hop Magazine YORAPS from 2008 – 2010

Live 2 Tell: The Lucas Torres Story

Live 2 Tell: The Lucas Torres Story details the life of one of Camden, New Jersey’s most infamous hustlers. Rising from a corner hustler in McGuire Projects to a 100 kilos distributor Torres saw every aspect of the game from the woman and millions of dollars to the jealous friends and police some who were out to arrest him others who were out to make money by protecting his business operation. Eventual Lucas was shot a total of 32 times but he lived 2 tell his story! Watch the trailer to Live 2 Tell: The Lucas Torres Story below.